Devine Family Scholarshîp

University of Guelph

Students with demonstrated financial need entering any degree program with a minimum 80% admission average, who are Aboriginal, or who have a disability, or who are members of a racial minority, are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to students of African-Canadian descent. Offered once every four years, beginning in 2008. Applications accepted for admission to the following years: fall 2012, fall 2015, and fall 2016.

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Bourse d’études – Sommaire

Nombre 2
Demande exigée Oui
Valeur $30,000 (payable over four years of study)
Renouvelable? Oui
Date limite Deadline to submit the complete application (both parts: the Financial Need Assessment Form for Entrance Awards and the application) is April 1. Scholarship offers will be made in May in the year the award is being offered.